Plenty of Red Flags

Joseph Smith lived his whole life in the North East of the USA never having ever seen a sand dune desert. He undoubtedly had access to a world map showing the location of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia. He identified the Red Sea and felt safe when his Ouija Ball gave Nephi directions; Smith would know it was a south-southeast direction. (1Nephi 16:13) Smith just didn’t realize that Nephi had no way of determining this type of direction because that kind of compass wasn’t invented yet!

Joseph Smith would see on his map the Sinai Desert and realize that this was the desert/wilderness area the Israelites wandered in for 40 years where the Bible says the Jewish God preserved them with manna and quail with water springing forth out of rocks on Moses’ command. What Smith didn’t know was that it was just a ‘wilderness’ with little, if any, ‘sand dunes’. However, when he determined that his destination for his hapless group would be ‘Bountiful’ on the south-east tip of Arabia and gave the command to turn eastward so the group wouldn’t end up in Sheba/Yemen; he didn’t know he was pointing them directly into the most feared desert of 250,000 square miles of nothing but sand dunes! Some of which were 800 feet high. The Bedouin call this area Rub al Khali or in English ‘Empty Quarter’.  Empty quarter because both man and beast avoided it until the 20th century when oil was found.

The Empty Quarter Saudi Arabia

The Empty Quarter is 583,000 square kilometers in size with no oasis or water holes!

Anyone who has studied both the Bible and Book of Mormon can see Smith’s efforts to portray similar images to a Bible believing world. According to the Bible, God’s ‘chosen’ wandered in the ‘wilderness’ for years; so why not Nephi’s group? Well, the Jewish God had a reason for this delay getting his chosen to the ‘promised land’ and at least kept his chosen healthy by providing on a daily basis manna, quail and water! And for those Bible scholars, Exodus 13:31 tells us they took their cattle and flocks with them for sacrifice and sustenance. Obviously, where they were headed was not an ‘empty quarter’ but a wilderness where animals could graze and find water.


The only way for Nephi to get to Bountiful would be by following the Red Sea, Frankincense  Trail and there would be tribes of people where the capital of Yemen is and the capital of Oman. It is just like with Mormon on his way to Cumorah, he would have met all kinds of Amerindians all along the way. Sorry, apologists!

But, in Joseph Smith’s childish fantasy, the Mormon God’s ‘chosen’ are sent for years into a world of sand dunes where no animal with any instincts at all, would spend more than 2 days! There is simply no way to sustain life unless you have prepared for the journey with female camels to provide the only liquid the Bedouin will see and staked down sandstorm proof Bedouin tents (with a male camel to cary it) until he leaves this empty quarter within a few days! He better have bags of rice and dates and use the dung of the camel to boil the camel milk and to cook the rice. What would two families who lived in big walled Jerusalem all of their lives know about any of this?

sand_storm dust-devil-image2

Within Saudi Arabia, winds average 3.2 to 4.8 kilometers per hour (kph) and can reach 112 to 128 kph in early afternoon. Expect major sandstorms and dust storms at least once a week.

The greatest danger is getting lost in a swirling wall of sand. Wear goggles if you live in the 20th Century and cover your mouth and nose with cloth. If natural shelter is unavailable, mark your direction of travel, lie down, and sit out the storm. The temperature of the sand can easily reach 160 degrees on a hot summer day so one must seek shelter. However the temperature at night can drop to 40 degrees. One is inclined to want to get to one’s destination quickly.

Since Smith had never been to a desert area he could not describe a make-believe event in a desert area. There is never a mention of these weekly sand storms. There is never a prayer to God to get them out of this hell hole! Can you imagine Nephi looking for food or an animal to shoot with his stick in the above photo? Can you imagine what kind of health these unfortunate humans might have after a 10 year diet of only uncooked, bloody scavenger meat from a stray Hyena or Jackal, all forbidden by the Law of Moses?

Smith says nothing in his 500 plus pages of his fantasy about drinking water or camels! Smith does say in Book of Mormon, 1Nephi 16 that the Ouija Ball kept them near the borders of the Red Sea (Nephi would have no way of knowing what this body of water was called at the time. If Smith had his ‘fantasy people’ stop at the Port of Ezion-Geber, he might have found out what the sea was then called) and that the Ball led them to the ‘more fertile’ areas. Logistically, this could happen, but this was a known Bedouin travel path to Sheba and they would have to encounter Bedouin tribes at those fertile spots and barter for water, dates and sheep. (Smith’s designated ‘Bountiful’ where they spent a couple of years was the main Oasis on the famous Frankincense Trail and would have a Bedouin Tribe cultivating it and living there! Had Nephi gone a few miles north-west he would have found a port with shipbuilding to get the caravans across the Persian Gulf and on to the Orient.) Lehi remained in this first ‘fertile spot’ for weeks waiting for his sons. In a true story this oasis would also belong to a bedouin tribe. This is the last of the ‘fertile’ spots that Smith mentions because in the first verse of the next chapter he tells us from that point on, they went in an ‘eastward’ direction to Bountiful. It was only ‘Bountiful’ in comparison to a sea of sand dunes. The date palms and banana trees were all planted by the Bedouins who lived there and selling supplies to the Caravan Traders.

Looking at his map, Joseph Smith would see the range of mountains along the Red Sea leading to Yemen with a rang of the highest mountains of up to 12,000 ft and would pinpoint probably present day ‘Muscat’ in the country of Oman as his ‘Bountiful’. What Smith didn’t know was his projected ‘eastward’ took his group right into the middle of 250,000 sq mi of nothing but sand dunes! This wasn’t bad enough, Smith did the absolute absurd idea of keeping them wandering in circles for the next 8 years in THESE DUNES!

ft_hdr.1To further compound these absurdities, this Mormon God now needs to take away all the natural instincts of predatory animals who avoid this area devoid of vegetation and water. And now God needs to feed these unclean animals he has forbidden his chosen humans to eat, with manna, quail and water so Nephi can shoot at them with a stick and then eat their parasite ridden raw flesh because they had no camel dung to make fire and no camel milk to drink. There were also no rocks for Nephi to smite to produce water. There is no mention during the whole 10 years of a single sand storm that Bedouins fight several times a month where the Jewish God protects Camel’s eyes for this type of existence! Their compass only led them correctly based on their faith that it would do so.  Did their faith diminish when they saw that the compass brought them continually to the same 5 Wadi or Oasis water holes over the 8 yrs? When they saw their health and the health of their children deteriorate based on just raw meat of predatory animals, didn’t anyone think to ask God WHY ALL OF THIS?

Isn’t it a form of blasphemy to portray your God as cruel, uninformed or stupid?

Does the Mormon God expect Man to suspend his God given power to reason! To get out of this dilemma by saying ‘God’s ways are not Man’s ways’ is a dangerous idea when this same God gave us a brain that allows Man to reason and draw logical conclusions.

Mormons try to overcome reason by asking the truth seeker to follow Moroni’s advise even though Moroni lied about a whole bunch of stuff, including his father’s death!

Moroni 10:4 ‘And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these things are not true’;

As long as you don’t misinterpret what is being said and you pray with a sincere heart, with real intent, you will get a burning feeling that ‘these things are NOT TRUE’!

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