How ignorant did Smith think his readers would be?

Probably the most glaring error of Smith’s fantasy (Book of Mormon/The Most Correct Book on Earth) is in his hysterical (historical) dating. Joseph Smith trusted his first scribe, Martin Harris with his first hand written draft of the first 475 years of his thousand years of Nephite (Jewish?) history (Fantasy) in South America. This draft was stolen by Martin’s wife and never recovered. Smith had a warning from his God that the thieves were waiting for Smith to publish a re-translation of those 475 years. God told Smith that with the magic peep stone he could give a word-for-word retranslation but the thieves would somehow alter his handwritten manuscript without a trace and this would show glaring inconsistencies proving him a false prophet. These 475 years of history were part of what Smith called the Book of Lehi. Lehi was the supposed leader of a group of Jews who God led from Jerusalem to So. America in 600 BC. Nephi says they departed during the reign of Zedekiah who didn’t take the throne until a few years later. This was Smith’s first major error. (1Nephi 1:4)

Smith couldn’t give a word-for-word retranslation because of his many ad-libs so he decided that he would have Lehi’s son Nephi write a similar history of the same period for as long as he lived with Nephi’s perspective of the same events and then have this new record handed down, not through Nephi’s bloodline, but through his brother’s bloodline until he got to the timeline in the story that Smith had retained with his notes.

It is a tangled web we weave when we first attempt to deceive. Smith had a nimble. creative mind and like a lot of con artists are good until their spoken word is written down and checked for inconsistencies. The Book of Mormon is a long tedious book with many twists and turns. One is never sure of who kept the records (assuming it was true) or where and how it got to the next writer to be an actual history.

Needless to say, Harris was finished as scribe. Smith was lucky for most of his short life and it just so happened that a school teacher named Oliver Cowdery who had been boarding at Smith’s parents house, and whose father, along with Smith’s, were Rods-men together before Joseph’s father left Vermont, and was eager and willing to act as scribe and eventually as second Elder to Smith in a new Church.

(Rod’s Men were people who were paid to look for minerals or water in the ground with a witch hazel stick. Smith earned money looking for gold and silver for years with his peep stone in his hat, he used this same process, according to his wife, to ‘translate’ the Book of Mormon.) Together Smith and Cowdery, created out of thin air the first 7 books of the current Book of Mormon to replace the stolen book  of Lehi. Smith got ‘revelations’ telling Cowdery that he had special gifts of the Witch Hazel stick (Divining Rod) where he would get answers from God, and also have a gift to translate other ancient records that would come later. (See original Book of Commandments corresponding to Doctrine & Covenants Sec 8)

Somehow, they had a timetable that pushed them to finish the final ‘translation’ and rushed the replacement record with a lot of  quotes from the King James version of Isaiah that was supposedly written in Egyptian on plates of brass representing the Jewish Tanakh but stupidly, in Egyptian. Smith has ‘so called’ prophet/writers live two or three times longer in this replacement record than Nephi or King Mosiah to write two or three verses saying virtually nothing, but getting Smith past the 475 year timeframe. It was about May of 1929 when Smith and Cowdery got the revelation to start what is the present version of the Book of Mormon with the copyright applied for in June of that year including a description of the Jaredite history that comes at the end of the book. Obviously, Smith knew from his completed drafts before Cowdery arrived, exactly what he intended to include in his book as story line. Smith embellished and invented characters as he went along. Smith’s family told of how Joseph, as a boy, would keep his family entertained inventing Indian stories so convincingly that one thought he had lived among them.

The loss of the Book of Lehi made it necessary for Smith to re-think the ending of his Nephite ‘history’ and make up a very implausible situation that doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’ in the short ‘book’ called ‘The Words of Mormon’ dated 385 AD. He needed to have Mormon, during his abridgment, find the record that Smith and Cowdery were creating to cover the 470 years of lost manuscript and needed for it to be in the cave where Mormon could find it and insert it as part of his abridgment that would follow his ‘book of Lehi’ record that Smith had purportedly already translated. Smith needed to have Mormon, who had no schooling, be literate in both Hebrew and Egyptian, along with his son Moroni who spoke and wrote both Hebrew and Egyptian, and also managed to even translate a record written by people living about 2300 BC and who spoke and wrote in a dialect that Adam learned from God in the Garden of Eden! To think Moroni just pops up in Mormon’s record about 485 BC, literate in two major languages (Hebrew and Egyptian) is astounding, and now Smith will have him translate a record that would be a preview of everything that was to happen on earth, written as a vision in 2300 BC from Mesopotamia (Arctic Circle?) where history tells us cuneiform was used on clay tablets. But the brother of Jared was to write in still another unknown tongue all of the vision he was shown. (Ether 3:24-28) Wow! (Ether chapter 3:25 “And when the Lord had said these words, he showed unto the brother of Jared all the inhabitants of the earth which had been, and also all that would be; and he withheld them not from his sight, even unto the ends of the earth.”) The brother of Jared was then commanded to write this whole vision in an unknown tongue and seal it up with two stones and it would come forth at a later date. Smith tells us two thirds of the plates that he received were ‘sealed’ and said further that this vision written over 5,000 years earlier was now in his possession awaiting God’s wishes. Awesome! The part of the vision describing the Bubonic Plague on the people along with the Inquisition was especially gruesome! But there was nothing that God could do about it because it was all predestined and in the script he had been using for countless worlds that he has created! Mormonism!

Smith had to have Mormon bring tons of gold records at least 5,000 miles from South America to Palmyra, New York in order for Mormon to find ‘extra plates’. Smith has Mormon say in verse 3 of ‘Words of Mormon’ the following:”for after I had made an abridgment from the plates of Nephi, down to the reign of this king Benjamin, of whom Amaleki spake, I searched among the records which had been delivered into my hands, and I found these plates, which contained this small account of the prophets, from Jacob down to the reign of this king Benjamin, and also many of the words of Nephi. .” This is what Smith used as a replacement record for the lost Book of Lehi. (Which meant that God, Mormon and Nephi knew in 600 BC, would be stolen 2400 years later.) This ‘tangled web’ is getting too tangled and Smith and Cowdery are  pushing too hard to get the book published so Smith is compounding his mistakes or ambiguities.

The problem is that Smith dictated as quoted above that Mormon had ‘abridged’ and extracted his 1% from the records supposedly in his hands that he refers to in this quote as a record from the ‘plates of Nephi’ down to the reign of king Benjamin. In the 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon as part of the preface he tells us that what what was lost was Mormon’s abridgment of the book of Lehi from the ‘plates of Lehi’. “I would inform you that I translated, by the gift and power of God, and caused to be written, one hundred and sixteen pages, the which I took from the Book of Lehi, which was an account abridged from the plates of Lehi, by the hand of Mormon;”

In Smith’s original version Mormon’s last words were to be chapter 7 in his book ending with ‘Amen’. However, in this version Mormon had no time to condense tons of records into a stack of plates that Moroni could carry into battle and with him following the Lamanites around for the next 15 years where somewhere his father was slain in battle as he tells us in Mormon 8:5. In Mormon 6:6 we are told he gave his son a ‘few plates’, but certainly not the rest of chapter 6 or 7. In Mormon’s life book, there is no command to write anything other than what he observed during his lifetime. He tells us in chapter 6 that he should hide the tons of records so the Lamanites would not find and destroy them, but says nothing about abridging them, only to prepare for and fight the last losing battle. It would be conceivable for him to give the first 5 chapters of his book to his son Moroni.

Smith’s head must be spinning trying to make his implausible story more plausible. We have Mormon at age 70+ sitting in a brightly lit cave in Palmyra, NY, trying to be as credible as Smith will allow him to be. According to the 1830 edition, Mormon would be abridging the whole Nephite history starting with the book of Lehi, leaving out 99% of what the  prophets wrote including the words of Jesus that Jesus spoke to the Nephites. (3Nephi 26:6 “And now there cannot be written in this book even a hundredth part of the things which Jesus did truly teach unto the people; (WOM 5; 3Nephi 5:8; Helaman 3:14) Just as Smith has Nephi write his version of the book of his Father, years after the purported events. Smith had Mormon and Moroni do the same thing because in Smith’s mind, it was more credible that way. But if God was in charge of any of this, it makes him look stupid or inept at best. Why bring tons of sacred records 5,000 miles from Hill Shim to Hill Cumorah if there wasn’t going to be an abridgment?When and where would Mormon have the time to peruse thousands of plates, find ore and make an abridgment that he doesn’t say anything about in his book of his observations of his life? This effort would take multiple years of not being disturbed in a safe place where he could mine for ore. There are writers who can make fiction sound like non-fiction, but Smith is not one of them.

Smith becomes ever less credible as a ‘story teller’ and writes stuff that makes God/Christ either stupid, liars or grossly uninformed. Christ told 3Nephi that he would join Jesus in heaven when he reached the age of 72. Smith has him live to be about double that age or longer. He has the last writer of the ‘original’ records, Ammaron, that ended in 320 AD, live to be over 300 years before he buried tons of gold records all by himself without horses hundreds of miles distant from where he had been keeping them. General Mormon would then find them deep in his enemy’s territory with Mormon needing to transport tons of gold plates 500+ miles through enemy lines a total of 5,000 plus miles to New York while being pursued by an overwhelming Lamanite army bent on recovering the gold and destroying Mormon and the complete Nephite/Jewish race!

The Book of Enos 521-421 BC:

Enos is the son of Jacob, the brother of Nephi, (whose family couldn’t read or write and wanted nothing to do with being historians) he turned the record over to his son Jarom in 420BC having kept the record for 104 years and writing 27 verses. This would be one verse every four years! Jarom starts in 420BC, and writes until 361BC a total of 15 verses in 59 years; similar to the ratio of his father, a verse every 4 years. Omni takes over in 361BC and writes until 317BC, a total of 44 years, with 3 verses; one verse every 14 years! We then have Amaron who writes at least until 279BC, a full 38 years with a total of 6 verses giving us a verse almost every 7 years.

We then have two writers writing 3 verses along with the last writer for a total of 149 years and a total of 21 verses, giving us a strong feeling that these ‘prophets’ must have been doing something besides writing. For 400 years none of these writers were coordinating their writing or dating with the Nephite Kings, who were supposed to be the principal historical writers for the Nephites. With this last prolific group we have again one verse every 7 years with the last writer writing 90% of the verses.

To achieve this amount of creative writing God/Smith had these ‘prophets’ live in the 200 plus year range. Can the reader imagine how much we would have if Mormon edited out his usual 99 percent? Can we assume that the lost book of Lehi contains the 400 year King’s history that God doesn’t feel is important anymore? It is strange that Nephi, the most prolific of all of ‘small record’ writers with dozens of pages dies at the age of about 70, while Mosiah, the most righteous king and prolific writer, God has him die at 63. Why then the unrealistic ages for ‘Prophets’ who don’t write? Were the lives of God’s chosen people so shallow at that time that God felt one verse every 4 yrs. was ample? Below is the table with a clear perspective.

tableAs an illustration of what God has to do to make this all work is to take Omni, for whom the book of Omni was named, and if the cycle of birth is maintained in an average fashion, God needed to keep Omni alive until the age of 207 just to write 3 verses of little consequence! Above, in the book of Enos, is a reasonable ‘replenish the earth’ table for the writers from Nephi until the end of the replacement record. We see our God of miracles kept *Chemish alive 221 years to write ONE verse! His son has a few more years of longevity and writes a total of TWO verses!

To illustrate the grave dating problems of the replacement record: These family members are keeping the record with dating that prophesies the coming of Christ in 600 years. The lunar-solar calendar of the Israelites requires the insertion of an extra month every three years. In the space of 100 years it will make the dating short by three years if it is not added in. Since Smith was unaware of this, his characters were as well. The ages of these writers are 2 to 5 times the age of anyone else. If they add multiple years to their own life span, how can we rely on their dating of anything else? Omni is 163 years old when he receives the record in 361BC. He writes two verses and says it is 317BC reflecting 44 years that he has counted in those 3 verses making him 207 years old. He gives the record to his 182 year old son Amaron who waits another 38 years, writes one verse and says it is now 279BC, and him now, 220 yrs. old. For the next 155 years there is no fixed dating until Mosiah 6:4; this gives a date of 124BC and is relied upon for the rest of the BOM. If they didn’t add the extra month every 3 years it would be 111BC for the Nephites and 18 years short for the birth of Christ! CAN THIS BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN JS RUSHING THRU TIME TO GET TO THE KING BENJAMIN SPOT WHERE HIS DRAFTS CONTINUED? I would rather believe there is no God than believe in this inept exalted Man as God, that JS portrays.

If Smith had a more accurate time frame for his book of Lehi that was lost, we will never know. But we can be sure that the book of Lehi, covering the same time frame, would be less than half the pages of the replacement record!  We also know that in 3Nephi Smith extends the life spans again because he again doesn’t have enough father-to-son ‘passing of the plates’. According to the promises of Christ recorded in 3Nephi, this third Nephi (the son of Nephi) and also one of Christ’s 12 disciples chosen in America, was supposed to die and go to heaven at the age of 72. He was given the records by his father, who departed to parts unknown in 1 AD. We presume Nephi was at least 20 at the time he spoke with the spirit of Christ, the day before Christ is born in Bethlehem, unless the Nephite calendar is way off, and Christ was already a young lad. (If you pay attention, logic will tell you if Christ can speak to Man from heaven the day before he is born into the world, the fetus is growing without the heavenly spirit inside. So if anything happens to the fetus in the womb the ‘spirit’ for that child is saved for the next in line to give birth here on earth.) If Nephi was 20 in 1 AD he would be about 55 when chosen as a disciple and is promised his resurrection by Christ at age 72. Yet, in 4Nephi, vs 10, we find 110 years has passed either from the birth of Christ making 3Nephi at least 130 yrs old or 110 years has passed from the appearance of Christ to the Nephites making 3Nephi considerably older and either way, Christ’s promise is null and void.

3Nephi passes the record to his son Amos who could easily be over 100 at that time. Vs 21 tells us that 194 years has passed  from the coming of Christ (still ambiguous) but tells us that Amos is 84 years older or about 184 years old and has died. He has passed the record on to his 150 year old son Amos2 with the 194 year time frame. Mormon, who abridged the record, if not JSmith, writes several verses telling the same type of story with passages of time dates until the death of Amos2.

This occurs in vs 47 where he dies with 305 years having passed away making him about 265. He manages to hand over tons of records to his 260 year old brother Ammaron. Ammaron keeps the tons of buried records in their villa opposite the magnificent temple where Christ gave his second Sermon on the Mount repeating almost letter perfect Matthew’s version of what he said. Waiting 20 years until he was 285 he decided he needed to bury the tons of records in an even safer place that no one had ever heard of in a small obscure hill that he or Smith will soon call Shim. He only needed, at age 285, to take tons of records three or four hundred miles and do so without horses and bury them in a manner that Mormon could easily find the ‘plates of Nephi’ located in those tons of records.

In a true story, during the days of young Mormon where Robbers had been in charge for years, and according to 4Nephi vs. 45, “three hundred years had passed away, both the people of Nephi and the Lamanites had become exceeding wicked one like unto the other”. (This was 10 years before Mormon was born.) Mormon would be totally dependent on the dating of these records, if we were talking about an actual history. We just have to ask: Who was teaching anyone to read and write both Hebrew and Egyptian and from what written record? Smith’s story gets murky again as to locations. We can be reasonably certain that with Christ’s burning of Zarahemla, the action of Christ’s visit was at the temple in Bountiful. We know that Zarahemla was rebuilt but we hear nothing of the records returning to Zarahemla where they had been kept for generations until Christ’s fire destroyed the city.  It would not be practical to have Hill Shim in that area. It would appear that Ammaron met Nephi where Ammaron lived near the temple at Bountiful and then we are told in Mormon 1:6 that his father took him to the land of Zarahemla when he was 11 yrs. old.

He was 10 years late in following his orders to retrieve the plates of Nephi (possibly because no one had ever heard of a hill called Shim) and with all of the wars and battles, he wouldn’t get around to reading anything, providing he was one of those rare individuals who was home schooled and became literate when there was nothing to read. We hear nothing of his mother and he is separated from his father when he was between 10-14. He was preaching on the street corner at 15 and at 16 led a band of guerilla Nephite fighters for most of his life. Where he learned to read and write Hebrew and Egyptian to teach his son Moroni whom he never mentions until he is 75, we will never know. One would think while abridging the Book of Alma where from chapter 43 until the end of the book he records the name of the commander of the Nephite armies a total of 190 times he would mention that it is also the name of his son with only two in the record who have the name of Moroni! This covers a period of about 25 years.

Mormon then starts his abridgment of the next book called Helaman that mentions the city of Moroni or Moronihah that were named after General Moroni which comes another 16 times over the next 80 years with never a reference to the fact that Mormon has an only son with the same name! The reason for this is plain and simple, Smith is a story teller and he didn’t think of a son by that name for Mormon until after the great last battle where only 24 Nephites were left, one of which was a son named Moroni (Mormon 6:6) and was to be the next protagonist in Smith’s Nephite saga.

For more on this, see “Fatal Flaws of The Most Correct Book on Earth” at


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